Chesapeake Growth Network

Educating and Empowering Small Business Owners

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Who We Are

Chesapeake Growth Network has officially been established as a co-partnership serving small businesses around Maryland and surrounding states.

What We Do

CGN Offers Small Businesses a Comprehensive Solution For Their Accounting, Financial, and Legal Needs. Business owners can save time from searching for accounting, financial, and legal services separately, giving them the opportunity to focus on other important aspects of their business.


Let’s Work Together

Business owners can rest assured that your business needs will be met by some of the top professionals in the accounting, financial, and legal industries. Contact Us Today!

    Recent news and articles

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    Selling your small business is a multifaceted undertaking with many legal, financial, and operational considerations. This article outlines strategies owners can employ to maximize value and minimize potential issues when selling their business.

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    Find innovative ways to enhance employee benefits without straining the budget. Learn about cost-effective solutions enhancing employee benefits.

    Social Security – Understanding the Benefits

    You’ll get both better returns and peace of mind when you know when best to claim your social security benefits. The Chesapeake Growth Network can help determine your optimal timing.

    How to Select the Right Fiduciary to Handle the Administration of Your Estate

    In this article, we will discuss the various roles that require an appointment, the types of fiduciaries available, the choices among individual or corporate options, and more.