Leading Advisory Firms Launch New Chesapeake Growth Network

Chesapeake Growth Network Offers Regional Small Businesses a Comprehensive Source of Education and Insights


Annapolis & Bowie, MD: Chesapeake Growth Network has officially been established as an educational and strategic partnership serving small businesses across the Chesapeake Corridor region from Bowie to Annapolis. Its founders established the network out of the understanding that small business owners could feel overwhelmed while running their operations alone.

Time is a business owner’s most valuable asset. By working with Chesapeake Growth Network’s partners and learning from the organization’s educational resources, business owners can save time, learn more and access a team of independent accounting, legal, and insurance/benefit advisors, giving them the opportunity to focus on other important aspects of their business.

Small businesses rely on the sound advice of accountants, financial planners, and attorneys for various reasons. Accountants help owners maximize their revenue, financial planners execute plans for the company and individual financial growth, and attorneys ensure their clients are prepared for business transactions and transitions.

Statistics show the increasing importance of these partnerships:

According to the Forbes 2020 State of Small Business Research report, 73% of small business owners said their accountant’s advice was helpful for their COVID-19 government funding application.

A survey conducted by American University in 2019 found that 60% of business owners had not met with a financial advisor to help them address potential changes within their company. This highlights the challenges business owners face in finding a financial advisor they feel they can trust.

In a study conducted by LegalShield in 2013, 13 million small businesses in the U.S. had experienced legal issues in the past two years; close to 60% did not hire an attorney.

By working with a partnership, small business owners can rest assured that their needs will be met by some of the top professionals in the accounting, financial, and legal industries.

About Chesapeake Growth Network: In 2014, Matt Brady, Mike Kelly, Jr., and Nicholas Crivella teamed up to provide their clients with a specialized service that would help them save money and grow their operations. Chesapeake Growth Network is the outgrowth of that partnership.

Matt Brady, CPA is the President and CEO of BradyRenner CPAs in Maryland, a firm which services small businesses with annual revenues from $1M to $20M per year. They focus on bookkeeping, accounting, and tax strategy planning based on their clients’ unique needs, as well as consulting services for individuals.

Mike Kelly, Jr. is the Vice President and a Certified Financial Planner™ at Kelly Financial Advisors, LLC, a boutique investment firm in Maryland. They specialize in establishing employee benefits and retirement plans, as well as managing money for small businesses. Additionally, they provide wealth management services to individuals.

Nicholas Crivella is an Attorney and Managing Partner at Bagley & Rhody, P.C in Maryland. They work with businesses ranging from startups to hundred million dollar corporations, in a number of different areas including entity formation and business legal advisory. Bagley & Rhody also specializes in estate and succession planning, as well as business law.

For more information on Chesapeake Growth Network, please visit chesapeakegrowth.net

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